Uniform & Dress Code



Where you can purchase and how to order

The Forge Academy Trust believes in supporting children with uniform.

Parents are asked to observe the dress code outlined below.

Our uniform can be ordered by following the links below. 

Girls Uniform

Uniform breakdown
  • Grey blazer (Years 5 and 6)
  • Red and black tie (Years 5 and 6)
  • Grey cardigan or school cardigan/jumper (Years 3 and 4)
  • Black / grey skirt or trousers (Whole academy)
  • White blouse suitable for wearing a tie with (Years 5 and 6)
  • White shirt or polo shirt (Years 3 and 4)
  • Flat black shoes with strap or laces (Whole academy)
  • Black, white or grey socks


  • Red/white checked dress (Years 3 and 4)

Unacceptable Dress Wear

  • Corduroy, canvas, cotton or denim jeans must not be worn.
  • Similarly, jackets in denim are not permitted
  • Jewellery should not be worn to school (except ear studs).
  • All boys and girls will have to remove or cover ear studs during PE and games lessons.

Boys Uniform

Uniform breakdown
  • Grey Blazer (Years 5 and 6)
  • Red and black tie (Years 5 and 6)
  • Grey jumper or school sweatshirt (Years 3 and 4)
  • Black or grey trousers (Whole academy)
  • White shirt (Years 5 and 6)
  • White polo shirt (Years 3 and 4)
  • Black, white or grey socks
  • Black shoes (Whole academy)


  • Tailored shorts (Year 3 and 4)

Unacceptable Dress Wear

  • No nail varnish or make-up.
  • Pupils should not have dyed hair, patterns cut in to their hair, large spikes or mullets.  If in doubt please see the Academy Principal.
  • Trainers are not to be worn other than for PE.

Children at The Forest View Academy are proud to wear their uniform.