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Mr Ford, Mrs Tomlinson, Miss Leaning and Mrs McCarthy

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Mr Clarke


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Welcome to year 6

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This is our Year Six blog, to let you know all that we have planned for the year.  You can link to, and read details of, all forthcoming events and upcoming activities opposite, or by following us on Twitter or Facebook. 

Welcome to Year Six.  Mr Ford, Mrs Tomlinson, Miss Leaning and Mrs McCarthy are our class teachers. Mr Clarke teaches P.E. in the afternoon.  We are sure it is going to be a great year for year 6 with curriculum trips, SATs, transition work, an end-of-year production and graduation. You’ll have the opportunity to apply for a prefect position, and you may become, ‘Head Boy’ or ‘Head Girl’. It’s going to be a busy, but exciting time for us all, so we are really looking forward to the important year ahead!

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Autumn Term

Our Autumn 1 topic is based around Fairtrade, which is linked to geography. We will explore map work and human geography by comparing the UK to other countries around the world. Our reading and writing will be focused on this topic, looking at a unit based on Planet Pandora, a discussion text based on Fair Trade and also a persuasive pitch. In maths, we will begin the year learning about the four operations. These skills will help us in all of our maths throughout the year.  We will also make sure you are confident in your year five learning, looking at the key objectives, from maths in year five, in morning maths. In art, we will look at, ‘Da Vinci to Lowry’ learning lots about these famous artists as people, but also learning about their most famous artwork, and in DT we will be making Fairtrade products, trying to be as enterprising as we can. In computing, we will learn to code. In science, we will find out about ‘Animals Including Humans’ which focuses on learning about the main organs and systems of the human body and also keeping the body healthy – including exercise and lifestyle choices. Our R.E. topic for the term is ‘Teaching, Wisdoms and Authority’ looking at a range of the world religions.

Autumn 2 focuses on British history- the Victorians. In writing we base a unit around the exciting animation ‘Alchemist’s Letter’ and in maths we focus on fractions, decimals and percentages. For art, we will be learning how to produce Victorian silhouettes and in D.T. we will find out about Victorian engineers, designing and making our own bridges! In French, we will learn all about France through a variety of speaking and listening activities. We will be taking part in D.A.R.E. as part of our P.S.H.E. and this concludes with a graduation – where you will get to show everything you have learned. In science, we will learn about ‘Evolution and Inheritance’ which focuses on fossils, adaptation and the important work of the scientist Charles Darwin. In PE, we will improve our throwing, catching and attacking whilst participating in invasion games.

Spring Term

Spring Term work is focused around WWI and WWII concluding with a reflective visit to The National Holocaust Memorial Centre. In English lessons we base lots of our writing around the things we learn about in history, producing a newspaper report, a narrative, a diary and a letter. Many of our reading activities will also build upon our historical knowledge looking at fiction, non-fiction and poetry. In maths, we cover a range of topics including shape, data handling and algebra. In D.T. we will take part in making a wartime recipe and also make an electronic board game based upon a WWI and II quiz. Our art work will be inspired by wartime poetry. In computing, we will learn to produce spreadsheets and in music we will take part in a unit called, ‘Journeys’. Our French topic is based around family. In science we will study light which includes sources of light and how light travels and in Spring 2 we study Electricity, learning the symbols and completing lots of practical activities. For P.E. we will take part in dance, gymnastics, football and dodgeball.

Summer Term

Our Summer science topic is based around Living Things and Habitats; we will explore how living things are classified into groups according to common observable characteristics. Our geography topic will see us looking at ‘The Coastline’ and studying locational and place knowledge alongside human and physical geography. There is lots to do in maths, we will be learning: number, ordering and estimation, calculations, multiplication of decimals, ratio and proportion, scale factor of shapes, algebra, formulae, measures, formulae for area and volume of shapes, geometry, building 3D shapes (nets), statistics and interpreting pie charts and line graphs. In English, we will participate in discussions, presentations, performances, role play, improvisations and debates; we will select and use appropriate registers for effective communication and preparing poems and plays to read aloud and to perform, showing understanding through intonation, tone and volume so that the meaning is clear to an audience. In art, we will look at ‘The Life of Van Gogh’ studying his works and producing our own creative work, exploring our own ideas and recording our experiences. Our RE topic will be exploring ‘Beliefs in Action in the World’ where we will discover and explore what Jewish people, Humanists, Hindus and Christians teach about how we can all live together for the wellbeing of each other. In computing, we will be looking at ‘Text Adventures’ including designing, writing and debugging programs that accomplish specific goals, including controlling or simulating physical systems; solving problems by decomposing them into smaller parts and using logical reasoning to explain how some simple algorithms work. The topic of our Modern Foreign Languages (MFL) this term will be ‘The Future’ where we will explore the patterns and sounds of language through songs and rhymes and link the spelling, sound and meaning of words. Our PE lessons will include netball and basketball, hockey and tennis, striking and fielding and, finally athletics during our whole school sports day. We will also look forward to practicing and performing in our own production to celebrate our musical artistic talents, and showcasing this to the wider school, friends and family.