Academically More & Most Able


At The Forest View Academy, we pride ourselves on providing a bespoke provision to challenge pupils of all abilities. All lessons are planned to be creative, inspirational and challenging while providing the opportunity to explore, investigate and apply. Lessons have a clear process-led success criteria in place, which allows all children to embed their learning and make rapid progress in each lesson.

The needs of our most able are met through our dedication to personalisation and challenge. Children will have individual targets set for them each year, based on both their prior attainment and a commitment to achieving progress that is in the top 1% for schools. With the nature of our process-led success criteria, children have the opportunity to apply their skills to a variety of problems (mastery) and our more able children (Rapid Graspers) have additional activities, which are planned to further challenge.

Please refer to the policy below for more details.