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Welcome to India

Our curriculum, news & events

This is our India class blog to let you know all that we have been doing. Please view all out latest news below and you can also link to and read details of all forthcoming events and upcoming activities opposite.

Mrs McIlwrath (Mrs Mac) is our class teacher.  We work hard to create an exciting and challenging curriculum, which encourages us to become independent learners. In our classroom, we have a positive learning environment, which helps us to achieve and exceed our potential. We are sure that Year 4 will be an exciting year for Class India, as we have many interesting and engaging topics to learn about. 

Autumn Term

During the Autumn term, Year 4 will be travelling back in time to join the Ancient Egyptians.  We will be learning about daily life for both the rich and poor, how the Egyptians wrote, what treasure were to be found in their tombs and most importantly how to mummify a body.  We will link our work in English to the Egyptians by writing an explanation of mummification whilst in science we will learn about digestion and each of the internal organs.  In art we will be trying our hands at sculpture and in music having fun learning songs from Abba. We’re really excited about getting to know each other as a new class and working together on our enterprise project.


Maths investigation

As part of our work on the Egyptians, Year 4 have been investigation a mysterious new number system.  The children were given piece of a jigsaw to work with as face to face teams.  No clues or handy hints were given but within no time the children were using their maths vocabulary and reasoning skills...
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Poppies Everywhere

Lisa Buckley back again.  Lisa appears to be working at Forest View Academy on a full time basis!  This week she has been back again for the second time in two days, this time to introduce the significance of Remembrance Day but especially 2018.  After an interesting, informative and Peace Baby fueled assembly, Lisa helped...
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Toothy experiments

Year 4 are investigating the effect that sweet drinks have on our teeth.  We have set up a fair test using egg shells instead of teeth and have placed each of the “teeth” in a different liquid: orange juice, apple juice, milk, water, cola.  We kept on tooth to act as a control.
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Scarecrow making

The children in Year 4 had an exciting morning as they began their scarecrow project with Lisa Buckley from St Paulinus Church.  This year’s theme for the scarecrow competition links to our topic of the Ancient Egyptians.  Class Costa Rica has designed a mummy, Class Ireland have chosen the god Anubis and Class India are...
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