Meet the Staff

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Teaching Staff

The Forest View team

Principal – Mrs R Harrison
Assistant Principals – Mr S Ford & Mrs L McClymont

SEND Co – Mrs N McCarthy

Year 3 Team
Class Teachers
Mrs R Turner-Mitchell, Miss A Rylatt & Miss L Blythe
Support Staff  Mr G Clarke & Mrs E Pearce

Year 4 Team
Class Teachers
Miss H Warren, Miss D Stannard & Mr J Mawer
Support Staff  Mrs S Roguz, Miss A Ridley, Mr G Clarke & Mrs E Pearce

Year 5 Team
Class Teachers
Mrs H Bee, Miss A Leaning & Miss M Holland
Support Staff  Miss A Ridley, Mr G Clarke & Mrs E Pearce

Year 6 Team
Class Teachers
Mr S Ford, Mr R Latkowski, Mrs J Tomlinson and  Mrs L McClymont
Support Staff  Mrs L Kidd, Miss N Ewen, Mr G Clarke & Mrs E Pearce

All Other Staff

Office, Administrative & Management

Office Staff
Office Manager– Mrs J Harriman
Finance Assistant –  Mrs L Inman
Admin Assistant – Mrs K Johnson
Display Technician – Mrs A Turner

Lunch time Staff
Senior Midday Supervisor – Mrs M Mitchell
Midday Supervisors – Miss A De-Ville, Miss K Humphrey, Miss N Ewen, Miss R Pye, Mrs L Parkinson, Miss W Dovey, Mrs I Musgrove, Miss T Wright
School Chef – Mrs L Wright
Kitchen Assistant – Mrs K Ewen 

Child & Family Support Worker
Mrs V Dillon

Sports Provision
Sports Leader – Mr G Clarke

Site Management

Site Manager – Mr S Gibson

Cleaner in Charge 
Mrs E Davenport

Cleaners –  Mrs M Mitchell, Miss W Dovey