The Academy Council

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Our Academy Council

An Introduction

Each class our academy has one representative on our academy council. Our Councillors are elected by secret ballot in each class, following hustings in which the candidates give a speech in order to convince their class to vote for them.

Year 6
Class Italy –
Class China –
Class New Zealand –

Year 5
Class Australia –
Class Kenya –

Year 4

Class India –
Class Ireland –
Class Costa Rica –

Year 3
Class Canada –
Class Brazil –
Class Malawi –

School Council Survey

Spring 2018

During the Spring term we undertook a survey of all pupils in school for find out their views on what is it like to come to school at Forest View.

The final two questions focused on Forest View would be even better if…. and I like it at our school because……  The top results were:

I like it at our school because of……

  • The teachers
  • The headteacher
  • My friends
  • Learning new things
  • Having fun

Forest View would be even better if we had….

  • Extra playtime equipment
  • Extra sports activities
  • Extra laptops or tablets
  • Longer swimming time

Our Summer project is to produce a video involving a question and answer session as part of our Key Stage 1 – 2 transition from our infant feeder – Maun Infant and Nursery School.