Lunchtime Provision

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Lunchtime provision

With the brighter weather this week, we have all been enjoying ourselves at lunch times.  At Forest View we have plenty of choices to keep us busy, warm and sharing time with our friends.  On Wednesday we were gardening, improving the school grounds by planting trees and helping with fencing with Mrs Walker, Mrs Hennell and Mr Gibson.  On the lower school play ground Mrs Mitchell had organised tower building, playing dishes and domes, hula hooping and playing the usual games of chases as well as drawing, reading and chatting with our friends.  On the upper school play ground Mr Clarke was running basketball and handball or the quiet area was available for reading or art work.

Main Activities

In the event of a ‘wet’ playtime, lunch provision will take place in the hall. Mr Clarke will play a game such as dodgeball, basketball, target ball or play parachute games.
Above activities are to be supervised by Mr Clarke. Sports Leader roles to start Spring Term.

The sports leaders are great at encouraging everyone to take part in their lunch activities.  Mrs Woods is enjoying herself too.