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Forest View Academy News

Issue 1 2021

Home learning in year 5 has been an interesting time for most of us and has been a different experience for all students at The Forest View Academy! The Year 5 journalists have each written their own article about their home learning experiences, read on to find out more.

My Home-learning Experience

I’m Eve, a reporter of Forest View Academy News, recently there are many things that are different some may be easy, and some may be hard. The changes Forest view have made is for your safety and to protect us from the virus going around, although some children go to school (then you could have some of Taryn’s experience of being at school); my parents are ‘key workers’, but we already had an office set up therefore, I stayed at home.

Even though this may be hard for some there are many things you can still do in the past week or two. There has been some snow I’m sure a lot of you got to play in it if it snowed in your area.

I have loved how every lesson has its own meeting so you have guidance and pointers and this makes it easier for the teachers as well because it’s easier to explain with words then on paper because on paper you can’t elaborate. Then, in the afternoon there are a variety of things to do every week, not just the same lesson over and over but of course, we need to do our English, Maths and Guided Reading.

For some children this different type of schooling is hard especially without being able to see your friends, from my experience I miss my friends, but I can call them and text them now and then, but I still wish I could see them in person.

By Eve

What it is like to do online school, at school.

Hi, my name is Taryn, and I attend The Forest View Academy. My mum is a keyworker therefore, I go to school but that still does not mean it is easy. We must sit one seat away from each-other, social distance and wash our hands in the morning and whenever we come in from break time and lunch time. We join the live lessons on laptops at school, with our microphones muted and our camera off and because we are all in one classroom, we turn our sound off and the teacher joins the meeting with the sound on so we can hear it. We all have to be really quiet when one of us wants to speak! In the mornings, we do live lessons for Guided Reading, Maths and English. I miss spending the school day with all my friends and wish it could all go back to normal. It is quite different not being able to do everything we used to do, but we need to stay safe.

Home Learning 2021

My name is Isabel, and I am a student at Forest View Academy.  I wanted to look at the good and not so good things about home learning during the Pandemic.  Some of the good things are not having to wear a uniform every day; we can wear comfortable clothes.  Another good thing is even though we cannot see our friends and family, we are keeping them safe, and that is all that matters. Also, being at home means it takes less time to get ready for school in a morning.

The not so good things: not being able to see my friends is the worst and even though we can video chat and play Roblox, we are not face to face and that’s not the same.  Doing school work online is a big change to what we have all been used to and is very different because one minute were at school writing on paper at our desks and the next, we are using technology to do all our work.  Sometimes being at home all the time can make me feel claustrophobic because I’m just in the same place all the time every day. I’m really looking forward to being able to see my friends and family again, which I hope will be soon, when we are all vaccinated.

By Isabel


My name is Kai and I am in Year 5. This time around home-schooling has been very different for me, during the first lockdown my mum was a key worker, so I was still able to go to school, this time around I am at home all the time with my mum. I understand why we must stay at home with coronavirus spreading and having to stay safe.

At the beginning when we first started home-schooling, I found it a little bit difficult as we didn’t have any live lessons with our teachers, which made it harder for them to explain the tasks to us and for us to understand. I don’t mind doing school work at home, but I am missing socialising with my friends, sometimes it is hard to get motivated at home to do all the work as well, as it is not the atmosphere I am used to working in.

I can’t wait for things to be back to ‘normal’ and be able to go back to school but we all need to do our part in helping keep ourselves and everyone around us safe. Stay safe everyone!

By Kai

The UKs home-schooling experience!

As you know England and the rest of the UK has been plunged into a deep lockdown for the second time. Some people- the keyworker children- have to go to school again because their parents are working, so they do their work at school instead. If you are not in school, the rest of us try to complete work on technology, which is hard when everyone in the house is trying to use the same piece of technology at the same time, or even worse when the WIFI goes down! The timing of this period of home schooling is terrible because lots of us were only returned to school for one day after the Christmas break to see our friends, before the lockdown was announced again. I know lots of us cannot wait until things return to normal and we can be back at school again, with our friends.

By Toby

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