World Book Day

14 February 2020

Dear Parents/Carers

On Thursday, 05 March 2020 we will be celebrating World Book Day in the academy.  Children are invited to come into school dressed a character from a fairy story or Myths & Legends, but please don’t go to much expense.  Please see reverse for ideas.  If your child chooses not to dress up please send them in their school uniform.  Alongside this, they will be involved in lots of exciting book-based activities.

Again this year we will be running a ‘pop up book shop’.  We would like to ask for any donations of books no longer read at home.  They need to be suitable for age 7 – 11 and in good condition.  Your child can bring up to 3 books and could we ask that they are brought in on World Book Day.  During the afternoon, the children can visit the ‘shop’ to buy a book for £1.  Your child may want to bring a book that they have enjoyed reading then someone else will be able to enjoy it too.  All monies raised from this will be for our school fund.  Your child may bring some spending money so that they are able to buy a book.

Your child may also bring a book that they love, to share with other children.  Please ensure they know which books are to donate and which are to share with other children.

Please also look out for your child’s free £1 book token that they will be coming home with.  This can be used to buy any of the £1 books advertised at, or towards any other book of their choice.

Yours sincerely

Mrs R Harrison



Red Riding Hood


Hansel & Gretel

Alice in Wonderland

Sleeping Beauty

Beauty and the Beast


Puss in Boots

Snow White

Mother Goose

Peter Pan

Robin Hood

King Arthur

Greek Myths & Legends:




Jason & the Argonauts


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