Year 6 Trip to The National Holocaust Centre

Year 6 Trip to The National Holocaust Centre

This week, Year 6 visited The National Holocaust Centre and Museum in Laxton as part of their WWll topic.

At the start of this reflective day, we were given the unique opportunity to listen to the life story of Steven Mendelsson, a survivor who left his home in Berlin to travel on the Kinder transport to safety in England. Steven talked about how his life gradually changed under the Nazi rule in Germany, and in order to save his life, his mother sent him on an unknown journey to a place called England.

After lunch, Year 6 listened to the stories of surviving Jewish children who lived during the 1930s and Second World War. We travelled on a journey through history and followed the story of Leo, a German-Jewish boy growing up in Berlin in the 1930s. We discovered seven rooms where we witnessed Leo’s journey unfolding in his home, school, street, hiding space, train carriage and refuge. We listened to and read testimony from survivors, and studied objects belonging to them, documents and photographs. We were given time to explore the rooms and handle the items. A day to reflect on the history that came before us, and a day to ensure that this history never gets repeated.

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