Cashless System – Problem Solving Hints

If your parents are having trouble, we recommend taking the below steps to resolve the issue:

  • Make sure that the parent is selecting the SchoolMoney log in option when signing in. If they are being asked for a username and password, they have selected the incorrect log in option.
  • Check that the mobile number and email address match with what you have on your SchoolMoney system (check for spelling, duplicate letters, etc)
  • Check that they are entering the child’s name as it appears on your system
  • Make sure the parent is not Auto filling any of the information and that they are typing everything in from scratch
  • Ask the parent to clear their history/cache from the device they are using. If they search how to do this on the internet, it will give them instructions for their device/browser.
  • Ask the parent to try a different device/browser
  • Make sure the parent isn’t keeping the website up in the background on their phone. Advise them to close all web pages open in the background and to open a fresh web page every time they log in
  • If a parent has forgotten their password, they will need to contact the school and ask them to send a ‘Reset Password Link Message’ for the parent to be able to reset their password.


If the parent is struggling to log on after going through the steps above, then ask them to send a screenshot of the login page and error message to We will then investigate the issue from our end.

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