Summer – Half Termly Update

Forest View Update

Summer Term – June 2019

Welcome back everyone – we hope you had a relaxing half term and enjoyed two weeks off! This is the second year Forest View have offered parents an ‘INSET’ week in addition to the usual one week break in May. This gives parents the opportunity to benefit from cheaper holidays outside of ‘official’ school holidays.

This is my final newsletter of the academic year as yet again, the year has flown by. Over the next half term the children will begin final preparations for their move to the next year group. A successful transition to the next stage in learning is vital as it can be an anxious time for some but please be assured, we put a lot of thought into where children are placed in order for them to continue to thrive at Forest View. If you have any concerns regarding Transition (or anything else for that matter), then please feel free to talk to your child’s class teacher, or myself at any point. 

Forest View News

Congratulations to the children that represented Forest View in ‘Ollerton’s Got Talent’ which was held in April as part of the St George’s day celebrations, you all did a great job!

The Junior Town Council hosted a hugely successful Health and Well-being roadshow during the Easter holidays outside Tesco. They were well supported by a host of local organisations and of course, Miss Pearson who works tirelessly alongside our junior members to support them in turning their ideas into reality.

Back in school, a huge thank you to the children and families who attended the St George’s Day parade to show off our work. We won the ‘Most Creative’ award. Thank you to Lisa Buckley who continues to do a superb job supporting our Academy across the community; ensuring our children get the very best opportunities. Year 3 also went on their residential trip to Mount Cook in May, as well as working alongside the Year 2 children on their final transition day before their full week at Forest View in July.

Year 5 have continued to work hard throughout the last half term in preparation for their move to Year 6. They have really begun to grow in confidence and are showing great dedication and commitment to their learning.

Congratulations to Year 6 on completing their SATs. We couldn’t be more proud of how well they performed during the week. They are a true credit to the Academy and I wish them every success when the results arrive next month. Can I also thank the rest of the children, and all the staff for their hard work over the last half term, as I’ve said before, it really is a team effort at Forest View.

Year 4 ended the half term with their fabulous performance of ‘Snow White’. They certainly didn’t do things by halves, five Snow Whites and seven ex-jockey dwarfs!

I am pleased to inform you that we have appointed some very talented new teachers to start in September, Mrs Pearce will be joining the Year 3 team, Miss Stannard will be joining the Year 4 team and, Miss Leaning and Miss Blythe will be joining the Year 5 team. We are very-much looking forward to working alongside them during the next academic year.

Can I also take this opportunity to thank Miss Marshall and Mrs Hodgson for their dedication, hard work and commitment to the children’s learning over the last five years. They are both returning to Forest View from Maternity leave this half term, before embarking in the next chapter of their teaching careers in new schools from September. We wish them both every success in the future. I would also like to thank Mrs McIlwrath for her hard work over the last year; Mrs McIlwrath will be transferring to The Sir Donald Bailey Academy in Newark to work in Key Stage One.

Attendance and Punctuality

Below are the attendance figures for each class for the first half of the summer term. Attendance figures should not fall below 96% and so this will give you a guide as to how we are doing.

Summer Term 1

Academy Attendance overall – 96.4%

Class Canada – 97.64%

Class Brazil – 98.25%

Class Malawi – 95.76

Class Ireland – 96.72%

Class India – 96.3%

Class Costa Rica – 98.61%

Class Kenya – 93%

Class Australia – 95.89%

Class Italy – 94.68%

Class China – 96.58%

Class New Zealand – 96.35%


Well done to Class Costa Rica who achieved the highest attendance figures for last half term!

Our academy day starts at 8.55 am and therefore to make sure that all children have a calm and positive start to the day it is important that they are all in the playground ready to line up when the bell goes at 8.55 am.  If you wish to talk to your child’s class teacher, please ensure you do this before the bell rings so that the children can start their day promptly.

If your child comes to school unsupervised, can I please remind you that school staff are not on the playground until 8:45 am at the earliest so please ensure your child is not on site before then.

Family Support

Just to remind you we are very fortunate at Forest View to have our own Child and Family Support Worker. If you require any support please contact Mrs McGough on 07341810726. 

Learning Environment

I am pleased to report that the Forest View has secured government funding for new radiators and pipework throughout school. The old heating system was partly replaced last summer with two new boilers. The second phase will commence this summer when all of the radiators and pipework will be replaced, allowing the new boilers to operate at full capacity.

You may also notice the new display screen in reception, please keep an eye on this for news updates.

Health & Safety

Parking outside the Academy continues to be a real concern and we are working closely with the local council, neighbourhood watch and Police. The Ollerton and Boughton Junior Council are currently working hard to improve the issue, as are we at Forest View, as the safety of our children is of vital importance and I would again ask for your support in using the parking provided on the Ollerton Football ground.

Mobile phones: We have had an increase in the number of children bringing their mobile phone into the academy. Children should only bring mobile phones into the academy if they are walking to and from school unsupervised and need to inform parents of their safe arrival. They are not allowed on the playground with them, and must enter via main reception to drop them off and collect them from reception at 3.30pm. Please be aware, unless you have signed to say you wish your child to bring a mobile phone to the academy, they won’t be able to bring one in. 


As mentioned previously, there are different ways of purchasing our uniform including: from the Academy Office, online from or online from Academy Uniforms (both links are on our website).

We still have a number of children that don’t have PE kit in school. Please ensure your child brings their PE kit into school on a Monday and takes it home on a Friday. As some of the PE sessions are outdoor, it is advisable that you include jogging bottoms and a top with long sleeves. We do have a ‘spare kit’ bin that children can use but it is limited; if you have any sportswear/trainers that are no longer needed but are still in good condition then any donations would be greatly appreciated.

Texting Service/Parent contact details

Could I please remind you to inform the office immediately if any of your contact details change. The texting system will send the message to the number which is stored in our database and so it is very important that you ensure that all your details are always up-to-date.


We are offering lots more themed days and the children are really enjoying it.  Just to remind you that the cost of school dinners is still £2.30 per day (£11.50 per week). Please remember to send all dinner money on a Monday morning in an envelope stating your childs name and class, the amount enclosed and the days for which the dinners are required. If your child will be late for Forest View on a particular day and requires a meal, then please let the office know before 9.30am so that a meal can be ordered.

If your child brings lunch from home, they are allowed a small chocolate item and a bagged snack to accompany their main item. Please remind your child to collect their lunchbox at the end of the day and ensure they have their name on it as we seem to have an abundance of unclaimed lunchboxes.

The tuck shop is open every break time, selling pizza muffins, toast and fruit but if your child prefers to bring something from home, a piece of fruit or a cereal bar is ideal.

The Forest View Academy Breakfast Club

We now have over 40 children accessing this provision on a daily basis (both Forest View and Maun children).  Feedback from parents and children continues to be really positive, children are enjoying the range of activities on offer, some parents have commented on their children being more settled for the school day, eating better at breakfast time and, learning new skills. The service is a ‘drop in’ provision, there is no need to book so if you have an early appointment or are struggling to get your child to eat breakfast, then the Breakfast Club can help.  Children can attend from 7:30 am onwards at a cost of £2.50 per child.


  • Year 6 Leavers Photographs – Mon, 03 June – 9am
  • Healthy Family session – Thur, 06 June – 8.30 -9.15am
  • Pint Sized Theatre Y6 – Thur, 06 June – 1.45pm
  • Book Fair – Tues, 11 June – Mon, 17 June
  • Fathers Day Breakfast – Thur, 13 June – 8-8.45am
  • Year 2 Parents Meeting – Thur, 13 June – 5pm
  • Year 5 Assembly – Mon, 17 June – 3pm
  • Sports Day – Fri, 21 June – 1.30pm
  • Year 5 Visit Yorkshire Wildlife Park – Tue, 25 June
  • Y4 Albrighton Residential meeting for parents – Tue, 02 July – 3.45pm
  • 100% Attendance for Year reward – Mon, 08 July 9.15-2pm
  • Year 6 Production – Mon, 15 July – 2pm & 6pm
  • Road Safety Day – Tue, 16 July
  • Year 6 Graduation – Thur, 18 July – 2pm
  • Year 6 Leavers Disco – Thur, 18 July 4.30pm
  • Break up – Fri, 19 July – 3.30pm

Thank you for your continued support.

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Mrs R Harrison


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