Kit List for Hathersage visit – Year 4 – Jan 2019

St Michael’s Environmental Education Centre

Personal Equipment List

The clothes you bring to wear for working outdoors at St Michael’s should be warm and hard wearing.  It is better to bring old clothes rather than new ones because you may get wet and muddy at times.  Save your new clothes for wearing in the centre.

Everyone should bring: Lots of clean underwear

Night clothes

Lots of thick socks!

Soap, toothbrush, toothpaste, towel/s


For indoors:           Trousers/leggings/T shirts etc

One pair indoor shoes/slippers


For outdoors:        Warm trousers (eg tracksuit trousers, but not jeans as they are hard to dry and      cold and stiff when wet)

T Shirts

At least two warm jumpers or sweat shirts/fleece tops

Thick socks (not thin cotton trainer socks!)

Coat or jacket

Hat and gloves

Outdoor shoes/trainers

Make sure all your clothes have your name on them.

Bring a named carrier bag or bin liner to put your dirty clothes in.

Other items:         Named unbreakable drinks container

Named lunch box with packed lunch for the first day

Cuddly toy – optional

Torch and batteries – optional

Medicines (including inhalers, named and dose)

Please ensure that your child can tie their own shoe laces – tying 25 pairs of boots is hard work.

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